Big Cutie Jae BBW SSBBW


We had the pleasure of shooting SSBBW Jae when she applied to be a special Ultimatebbw anniversay model.

We wanted a model that was big all over, with an emphasis on a big ass and when Jae turned up for the
shoot we realized that we got exactly what we wanted. Jae estimated her weight at the time to be 430lbs
and we could well believe it. I guestimate that Jae is around 5ft 8 or 9 and her 430lbs is spread very
well indeed. You really get a better size perspective when you're in person, for example, one of Jae's thighs
has a larger circumference than my entire waist.

Click through and enjoy the photosets and videos that we shot of SSBBW Jae, we have plenty of them with loads more to come.

Jae - Geek Chic Pt1   Geek Chic   Stockings   Black sheer
Jae - Red satin panties 2   Ruffle   Dildo stockings   Red ribbed
SSBBW Jae Pantyshow 2   Polka mini   Red ruched    
Polka dot video            
Panty rip video            
Black thong and stockings video            
Red lycra Mini skirt video            
Jae Panty show part one